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World Baking Day 🍰

World Baking Day 🍰

A day late but we love any opportunity to talk about cake! 😋 Life is too short to eat foods you don't enjoy. We both follow a plant based diet, we do love our fruits and veggies. We eat well, and we pretty much live by the rule of everything in moderation. Because we eat well and do alot of exercise, our diet is balanced and varied and there is always space to enjoy chocolate cake too. 🍫😋

We aren't here to give nutrition advice but just wanted to acknowledge that it is important we fuel our bodies and thanks to @bodyhero we have been focusing on our nutrition even more recently and are certainly noticing the benefits. 🖤 We throw a scoop of protein into shakes and bakes to make sure we get enough protein in our diet and it is YUMMY!

Keep an eye on our stories as we plan to keep sharing more of our meals and post race picnics 😍 🎂🍰🍪

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