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Two weeks of madness 🥴

Two weeks of madness 🥴

We’re back! A very easy run catching up today 🥰. The past two weeks after longlegs’ wedding have been CRAZY! Of course Jas and Nath were off on their honeymoon in Dorset and then on to the South Downs. They took their gorgeous doggy and went camping (swipe to see their gorgeous selfie). 🏕🐕‍🦺

Whilst Jas had a little break from running to spend some quality time with her new hubby, littlelegs has had a break because she has been locked in her bedroom isolating. 🤣🛌

After Jas’ wedding lots of friends and family ended up with covid! It’s mad how fast it spread 😯. Trying to look at the positives, because we were all in it together we were messaging, phoning and sending funny photos to keep each other’s spirits up. Isolation is so incredible lonely so we were very fortunate to have support for each other. 💚

There has been a few things we’ve taken from the craziness of the past few weeks:

1) two weeks without each other seems forever 🤣

2) the love and support from our friends made the hardest of times actually bareable and at times, funny. 🤣

3) Memories are everything

Jas and Naths wedding was absolutely fabulous and we would all do it again even though it meant two weeks on the sofa or in Abs case locked in her room.. it was like a very long hangover hahaha 🥳 Here’s to partying and now being immune for a while🤞🏼🌝

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