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Sunday Picnic Day 🥖🧁

Sunday Picnic Day 🥖🧁

Folkestone 10km went exactly how we predicted. Jas smashed a PB which was what we wanted as it was her birthday race!!!💪🏼 🎂It was a sweltering hot day so a PB in that weather was also a massive achievement and a sign that training is paying off. 🥳🌞

The most important thing we have learnt this year, is how vital consistent training is. Today Abs felt exhausted after a long challenging week and made the decision that if she wasn’t feeling strong, it was better not to run herself into the ground and be out for a few days, but just to knock it on the head and change it to an easy long run. Do what suits YOU. 🏃🏻‍♀️

We had a great day with friends, even though everyone experienced their race differently. This is one of the main reasons we decided to start having regularly picnics after races. 🥪 A huge thank you to @bodyhero for providing us with much needed protein bars. A picnic MUST! 🤎

No matter how the run goes, we have a wonderful time with friends after. Every race, different members of our friendship group have a successful run. We all support each other so well, celebrate each other’s achievements and pick each other up through the hard times. ❤️

We had such great conversations with our friends today in the sunshine, our picnics and car journeys to and from races are times we really get to check in on the group. 💚

Thank you for all the support you wonderful bunch!

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