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Running in the heat ☀️

Running in the heat ☀️

We love the sunshine 🙌 but it can certainly make running feel alot harder, specially whilst we are acclimatising. (We are not complaining about this glorious weather though 🤣and pleaseeee stay sunshine ☀️)

Some tips for running in the heat:

☀️ Allow time to adjust, which might mean taking your first few runs in the heat abit slower

☀️ Stay hydrated and ensure you replace those minerals lost through sweat

☀️ Be aware your heart rate is likely to be abit higher, you may find yourself running abit slower

☀️ Plan your runs for the cooler times of day (early morning or evening - avoid mid day)

☀️ Adjust your routes so you can get some shade

☀️ Don't forget your suncream!

☀️ And if you live near the beach cool off with a dip in sea post-run 🌊

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