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Puddle Ducks 🐥🌧

Puddle Ducks 🐥🌧

The weather at the moment is very hit and miss, a lot like our race results have been this year! 🤣 Swipe right for the sudden change in weather 👉🏼

One minute we are soaking in the sun running in vests 😎and the next minute we are being attacked by hail stones 🥶.

If the past year has taught us anything, it is not to try and predict what’s just around the corner. Embrace the now and be pleasantly surprised when things turn out ok 😂.

We got absolutely DRENCHED in the rain and hail stones right after the first photo and decided whilst we couldn’t get any wetter, to make the most of running through puddles and splashing each other 🐥💦.

Sometimes it’s the unexpected that creates the most beautiful memories 💙

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