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Olympic Park 5/10km 🏆

Olympic Park 5/10km 🏆

Last Wednesday we took a little trip to @runthroughuk ‘s event at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 🏟

What a fantastic event! The views were beautiful, with the sun setting on a warm summers evening. The atmosphere from the Marshals and team at Runthrough was exactly why we love @Runthroughuk races. We had such an amazing time! 😍🌇

Abs ran 5K and Jas ran the 10K as we are working towards slightly different goals. Jas has the London Marathon coming up and so her training is focused on distance. For Jas it was all about having fun. With the long run taking priority on Monday and her legs still feeling very heavy this wasn't really a race for Jas it was more just go along for fun and enjoy the experience, and of course followed by a meal out after!🍛😍

Abs has decided to work towards shorter faster events so ran 5km to see where she is currently at and what she wants to aim for next 🎯. Abs didn’t expect a great time too because her training has been interrupted by work and Covid but she still smashed it with a 5K in 19:37 which gave her First place for the ladies. 🥇🏆

The race was laps of a 1.5 mile loop around the Olympic Park, it was a great flat course with lots of supporters. Runthrough marshals always give such a great atmosphere with cheering, tambourines, photographers and an all-round well organised event.

We decided to do this event because we felt we hadn’t done a lot of races this summer and we are so pleased we did! It was a beautiful sunny evening and we met lots of fabulous people and enjoyed the free non-alcoholic beers and socialising afterwards. This is what races are all about; the people, the atmosphere and the support. 🙌🏼

We can’t wait to come back to the next event here and try and get new PB’s 🥳🏃🏽‍♀️

Thank you @runthroughuk @runthroughkit 🤍

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