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Medal Monday 🥇🏆

Medal Monday 🥇🏆

On Sunday we raced ‘Betteshanger 10 miles’ to celebrate Abs birthday, followed by a feast of a picnic party 🥳🎂.

Littlelegs: I finally had a great run, after 2 races which I felt awful on. I’ve entered

my 28th year with a PB, feeling great and winning 1st Lady 🏆 I also solved my blister problem with the Nike alphafly’s by using k tape around the middle of my foot! Worked perfectly 🥳 great run and feeling incredibly loved and lucky to have such wonderful friends 🎂🎀

Longlegs: I found the race really tough, I just felt uncomfortable right from the very start, breathing wasn't right and legs felt heavy. I was just happy to cross the finish line and also had a great day celebrating Abs bday! 🥳

The course was 5 times round a 2 mile circuit. It was a flat tarmac route and as it was a circuit rather than out and back the wind was only against for a very short period. 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️💨

We had a fantastic afternoon, Jas made the best vegan birthday cake for Abs, we had a wonderful picnic with wonderful runners ❤️

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