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Happy Birthday to this long legged ray of sunshine. 🥳🌞 The most beautiful human inside and out that I am SO lucky to have in my life. 👭🏻

You have achieved so much this past year in every aspect of life but my favourite moment was watching you achieve the virtual London marathon in such awful weather and post injury. Your strength, determination and ambition is so inspiring to everyone around you. ⭐️

Thank you for being my rock and making me smile and laugh through every single day. 🥳

You’ve got me through marathons, freezing winter 20 mile training runs, crushing race days, nervous pre race days (or weeks 🥴) and then the past year 🤣 no words can express how grateful I am! 😘

Here’s to an incredible year ahead, I can’t wait to see you flourish and smash even more goals with your marathons and PB’s! You are killing it already. 💪🏼


We started the day off with a 7am run and then breakfast in a local café. This Sunday we are doing a birthday race and picnic at Folkestone 10k with the rest of the gang 🥳🎀🎈🎂

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