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St Patrick’s Day 🍀

St Patrick’s Day 🍀 Jump over to @runthroughkit page to see the giveaway they are doing for these gorgeous running tops 💚💚 Ireland is...

Monday Sunshine 🌞

Monday Sunshine 🌞 It is amazing what a bit of vitamin D can do. We made the most of the sunshine before tomorrow’s torrential rain 😂....

Every run counts 👟

Every run counts 👟 This year we have promised ourselves and each other that we will be grateful for our ability to run, and appreciate...

Meet The Makers 🌝🌝

Meet The Makers 🌝🌝 We’ve seen a lot of March #meetthemaker posts and decided we should jump on this to introduce ourselves a little👭🏻...

Happy March 💛🥳

Happy March 💛🥳 Today is national peanut butter lovers day, definitely a day for us to celebrate 🥜😋 Things to be thankful for and...

Snow Walk ❄️☃️

Today we decided it was too slippery out so we went for a lovely long walk instead of our usual run ❄️❄️ We made flasks of Tea and took...


We NEVER get snow! About every 4 years if we are lucky!! So imagine how happy we were to wake up to this today😃❄️ But after running...

Bleak days

Bleak days (by little legs) Some mornings we wake up to the most beautiful sunrise. The blue skies make the world seem a brighter place...

Be Kind 💛

We are so lucky to live in an area where we have so many happy, smiley, sociable runners ☺ We love the running community and the positive...

Is it Monday?

Is it Monday? (By Abs) The current situation we are all living in has left us all with totally different daily routines. A lot of us,...

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