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Set backs ↩️

Set backs ↩️ Let’s talk set backs. Sometimes it feels like we are going two steps forward, one step back. We get going on a training plan...

Reunited 👭🏻

Reunited 👭🏻 WE’RE BACK 🥳🥳 Long legs has been poorly the past few weeks with an awful cold and Little legs has been crazy busy with...

Hello Sun 🌞😍

Hello Sun 🌞😍 We woke up for our 6.30am run to blue skies and sunshine! We have been waiting for this day for so so long! Warm enough to...

Puddle Ducks 🐥🌧

Puddle Ducks 🐥🌧 The weather at the moment is very hit and miss, a lot like our race results have been this year! 🤣 Swipe right for the...

World Baking Day 🍰

World Baking Day 🍰 A day late but we love any opportunity to talk about cake! 😋 Life is too short to eat foods you don't enjoy. We both...

Medal Monday 🥇🏆

Medal Monday 🥇🏆 On Sunday we raced ‘Betteshanger 10 miles’ to celebrate Abs birthday, followed by a feast of a picnic party 🥳🎂....

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